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St. Augustin School Chess Club

Welcome to the St. Augustin chess club page!

Chess is a valuable skill that can boost confidence as well as focus, analytical thinking and problem solving skills. We strive to encourage good sportsmanship and courtesy as well. 

We will hold three 8 week sessions of chess club. Club will be on Monday from 3:15pm to 4:15pm for both sessions. There will be two levels of club. Please read through the descriptions below and register your student for the appropriate level based on their grade and chess experience. Space is limited to 12 students for Level 1 and 20 students for Level 2. Chess Club does not meet when school is not in session or dismisses early. Fruit snacks will be provided for each student at every club. If your student has dietary restrictions or allergies, please note this in the registration form and feel free to send a snack from home.


Registration fee is $75 per session for the first student and $65 for each additional student per session. Registration includes a Gold membership. Any student wishing to play in a US Chess Rated tournament will receive a free US Chess Membership also. Registration and payment is accepted through the form below. Please contact us at if you have any questions or concerns.

Level 1  led by Katie Freerksen

(K-2nd grade) No previous chess experience is required but preparation is encouraged. First time students will master the rules of chess, piece movement and chess terms. Returning students will work on mastering piece movement, learning check mating strategies and basic piece development goals. In Level 1 we work on the basics of chess while helping the students to understand focus, sportsmanship, respect for their opponents,  and that losing is an opportunity to learn. Students who are able to attend Level 1 for multiple sessions will gain the ability to teach others the rules of chess and will have the opportunity to learn how to record their games with algebraic notation.

Level 2   led by Jim Freerksen and Bill Broich

(3rd-8th grade) Students must have a basic understanding of Level 1 chess skills**. In Level 2 students will learn tactics, openings, pawn structure, and common endgames while reinforcing and expanding on their Level 1 knowledge. Students in Level 2 will also develop transferable life skills such as self-discipline, concentration, long term planning, and the ability to learn from their mistakes. 

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