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DSM Chess Spring Break Chess Camp

Cost: $150 per student

Led By Jim Freerksen

Beginner Section   8:30am - Noon

The beginner section is for students who will benefit from mastering basic checkmates, practicing avoiding stalemate, finding basic tactics, general opening principles, and capturing hanging pieces. This class will help beginning chess players understand the goals and strategy of the game, so they can make moves with purpose.

An understanding of how the pieces move is required.

Advanced Section  1:00pm - 4:30pm

The advanced section is for students who already have comprehension of beginner section skills. The advanced section will focus on how to attack a castled king through pawn storms, sacrifices, and removing defenders. Additionally we will focus on the art of the combination and “ in between moves” that are said to be the true beauty of chess. Both of these skills will develop a player’s board vision, planning, calculation, and ability to recognize advanced attack patterns.


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