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Iowa Individual Grade Championships 2017

DSM Chess players were well represented and had strong performances at the 2017 Iowa Grades State
Championships held at Drake University on November 4th. St Augustin and Sacred Heart schools alone
had a combined eleven players in the field. Bergman Academy, St. Theresa's School and Central Academy also had players representing DSM Chess.


In second grade Alex Fletcher had an impressive 2nd place performance followed by Tiernan Topf in 3rd and Dylan Ducharme in 4th, all from St, Augustin. Jameson Downs placed 5th in his first tournament performance. However, none of them could overcome the play of DSM Chess private lesson student Jack Li from Woodland Hills Elementary in Waukee who’s perfect 4-0 score earned him the first-place trophy and the second grade state Championship title.

In third grade Julian Nossuil from Bergman Academy captured 3rd place in just his second rated
tournament while Jacob Gaskell placed 5th in his first rated event.

Max Thomas received 4th in the fourth-grade section followed by Jerand Chase in 6th, John Disbro in 9th
and Liam Tohey in 10th, all from Sacred Heart.

In 5th Grade there was a three way tie for first place among DSM Chess players but on tie-breaks the 1st
place prize was awarded to tournament veteran JD Martin of Sacred Heart. Blake Grask and Conrad
Krantz, both from St. Augustin, also tied for first and were awarded the second and third place prizes
respectively on tie-breaks.

Des Moines Central Academy Club representative Ben Nguyen played in his first tournament ever and
won three out of four of his games. This tournament performance placed him in clear second place in the 7-12th grade section and was enough to win him 1st place for the 11th grade section making him the 11th Grade State Champion.

Congratulations to our state champions and other notable performances. Thank you to all who
participated and a special thanks to those who played in their very first rated chess tournament. As
always thank you to the chess parents who made this event possible! We hope to see many of you at
the Prairie Fall Classic on November 18th in Cedar Rapids Iowa. Please contact Coach Jim at if your player needs transportation and a chaperone.

Coach Jim with (Left to Right) Jack Li, Alex Fletcher, Dylan Ducharme, Tiernan Topf, and Jameson Downs

Coach Jim with Julien Nossuli

Coach Jim with Jack Li

Coach Jim with (Left to Right) Jimmy Baumhover, John Disbro, Jerand Chase, Liam Tohey, and Max Thomas

Coach Jim with (Left to Right) Conrad Krantz, Blake Grask and JD Martin

Coach Jim with Jerand Chase

Coach Jim with Conrad Krantz (Left) and Blake Grask (Right)

Coach Jim with Ben Nguyen

Coach Jim with Ben Nguyen

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