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Des Moines Area Team Chess Championship

The 2nd Annual Des Moines Area Team Chess Championship was held Saturday October 7th at the Franklin Avenue Library in Des Moines. Thirty-three chess players attended. Each player played five games and there were five rounds. The sum of the top four player’s scores from each school club made up a team’s score. Five area clubs participated.


South Middle School of Waukee won the event with a team score of sixteen points out twenty possible points. JD (James) Martin of Sacred Heart Catholic School helped his team claim second place with the only perfect 5/5 score in the tournament giving his team a total score of 13.5 points. Aidan Ducharme won four out of five games to lead St. Augustin’s team to a third-place finish with a team score of 10.5 points. Bergman Academy finished close behind with 10 points.


Individual trophies were awarded to the top three players in the tournament. Martin claimed first, Sunkara won second on tiebreak and Ducharme was award the third place on tiebreak. Mickey Hatch, Shashank Koneru, and Abhinav Kayithi, all from the South Middle School in Waukee, team also scored four points each but missed winning a trophy on tiebreak. Individual trophies were also awarded to the top three players in fourth grade and under. Four players each scoring three points tied for three trophies. On tiebreak Julien Nossuli, a third grader from Bergman Academy, was awarded the first-place trophy. The second place was awarded to Suhas Sunkara of Brookview Elementary and Jack Li of Woodland Hill Elementary was awarded the third-place trophy over Brennan Stierman of Walnut Hills Elementary on tiebreak.


Thank you to all the parents and players for attending this event. We look forward to seeing many familiar faces returning at future scholastic and DSM Chess events.

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