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Des Moines Fall Classic RBO (Quad)

On Saturday October 28th four Des Moines scholastic chess players got together to play some tournament chess at the Staybridge Suits in West Des Moines. This quad* tournament was played in preparation for the Iowa Individual Grade State Championship (aka “the Grades championship”) to be held the following weekend at Drake University. The main focus of the preparation was for these players to get familiar with the longer games that will take place at the November 4th Grades.  Blake Grask of St. Augustin was able to maintain a perfect score and was the only one to win any of the games that were played. The other players had two draws and a loss each, giving them a score of 1 point. This was Jimmy’s second rated tournament every played and Conrad’s first ever rated appearance. Fletcher, a second grader, held his own against the competition made up of a fourth grader and two fifth graders. The players put forth effort to make recommended adjustments as the tournament progressed and they were attentive to coaching in between the rounds played. Transitioning from playing chess at a school club to playing in tournaments is not easy. The important thing for a player is to try their best and be happy with every small improvement as they will add up to big gains over time. This was a nice performance by everyone and one that made their coach proud. Thank you all for attending and good luck to you next week!


*A quad tournament or “a quad” is a tournament where four players are grouped together and they all play another. The goal of this is to group together players of the same strength in order to make for healthy competition.

(From left to right) Jimmy Baumhover, Blake Grask, Conrad Krantz, and Alex Fletcher

Blake (front left) has the black pieces and is taking notation while Alex (front right) is deep in thought. Conrad (back left) and Jimmy (back right) are demonstrating great tournament posture.

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