DSM Chess Opening Course 

Led by Jim Freerksen

DSM Chess is holding a weekly, 10 session opening course starting November 7th through January 30th (list of course dates below). This class is designed to give players a crash course on the most exciting and well-known openings in chess. The openings featured are specifically designed to provide an understanding of tactics, positional imbalances, initiative, piece activity, defense, combinations, counter-play, and mating patterns. The course will meet every Wednesday from 6:00pm -8:30pm except for the week of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year's Day.

The course is limited to 10 players. It will be located in the community room at the Caribou Coffee at 3220 Ingersoll Ave. Cost is $250 for the first player and $225 for each additional player from the same family.

Course Description

Every class begins with a six game blitz tournament that will last around 75 minutes. After those games have finished the players will spend the remaining time learning and practicing the opening for the next week's tournament. During the weekly tournaments the first basic moves of the opening that was taught the previous week will have already been made for them. This allows them to practice what they have learned with both the black and white pieces while forcing them to play both sides of a position that they did not get to choose to get into. This is a necessary feeling for any aspiring chess player to become comfortable with. Players will be awarded 1 point for a win, ½ point for a draw and zero points for a loss for each game played. These points will accrue from week to week on a leader board. Players will be awarded both weekly and overall trophies and prizes for their performances.

The first week will be an introduction of the course to the students, the teaching of the first opening and teaching players how to best use study materials outside of class.

The final meeting will consist of a course recap, a round-robin rated blitz tournament where players get to play openings of their choice and an award ceremony.

Course Expectations

Each week students will be given worksheets, book excerpts, website links and chess kid video recommendations. They are expected to spend two hours in between classes using these materials that will help prepare them for the blitz games to be played at the next class. Again, these openings are not simply things to be memorized (although that is important as well) but they are meant to provide understanding of crucial concepts that are transferable to any part of the game. Studying at home or practicing with a friend from class will be important to retaining these ideas and a key factor in what one takes away from the course.


Weekly trophies for first and second place will be awarded. Upon completion each player will be
given a certificate and a medal. Large trophies with personalized engravings will be awarded to the top three total scores accumulated. A more useful and practical prize pool of equipment and lessons will be awarded at the end as well. Digital Clocks, tournament set cases, triple weighted sets, chess books, and two 2-hour private lessons will be among them. Players will get their turn to pick a prize based on total leaderboard points from highest to lowest. This is done in an effort to help avoid awarding an unneeded piece of equipment to someone.

Course Dates

Wednesday, November 7th

Wednesday, November 14th

NO CLASS November 21st

Wednesday, November 28th

Wednesday, December 5th

Wednesday, December 12th

Wednesday, December 19th

NO CLASS December 26th

NO CLASS January 2nd

Wednesday, January 9th

Wednesday, January 16th

Wednesday, January 23rd

Wedenesday, January 30th

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