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Monthly Newsletter Puzzles

For this month's particular puzzles -

Easy - Checkmate is available in one move

Medium - In the next two moves, you will have a large material advantage

Difficult - Find the move(s) to win


1. White to Move

2. Black to Move


3. Black to Move

4. White to Move


5. White to Move

6. White to Move

Solutions -

Highlight the row for the answer


1.  Qh8 ++  

2. ...Ba3 ++


3. ... Re1+, Qxe1, Rxe1+ : up a rook

4. Bxf7+, Kxf7, Qxd8 : up a Queen 


5. Qd5+ Kh8, Nf7+, Kg8, Nh6+, Kh8, Qg8+, Rxg8, Nf7 ++

6. g6 hxg6, f6 gxf6, h6 promoting to Queen and winning  

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