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School Clubs

It very common in the Chess Community, for smaller clubs to be out of the loop on what Chess Events are going on in their area. Our mission is to create a directory of all the smaller school chess clubs in the Des Moines area, so they have a line of communication to share and receive information about chess. It is our hope that this will build the Scholastic Chess Community and give more students the opportunity to participate in Chess Events.

Where do you Chess?

Do you HAVE a Chess Club at your school?

Let us know so that we can add them to our mailing list to receive our newsletter and updates about events in the Des Moines Chess Community!

Thanks! Message sent.

Do you NEED a Chess Club at your school?

Let us know! We will add you to our mailing list to receive updates about chess events that are open to everybody! We will also keep your information and if we receive enough interest in Chess at your school we will let the Chess Community know there is a demand for a Chess Club at your school.

Thanks! Message sent.

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