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Bergman Academy Chess Club

Chess club will be divided into two skill levels and will meet 15 times. Please read through the description of each level below and select the Level that is appropriate for your student’s chess experience. Both Levels will meet on Thursdays from 3:35pm – 4:35pm.

Space is limited to 20 students for each level. Chess club does not meet when school is not in session or dismisses early.


Level I  taught by Bill Broich

(K-3) No previous chess experience is required but preparation is encouraged*. In Level I students will master the rules of chess, know how to record their games, memorize simple checkmates and chess terms, and develop an understanding of basic strategic concepts. Students who are able to attend Level I for multiple years will gain the ability to teach others the rules of chess.


Level II taught by Jim Freerksen

(4th-8th) Students must have a basic understanding of Level I chess skills**. In Level II students will learn tactics, openings, pawn structure, and common endgames while reinforcing and expanding on their Level I knowledge. Students in Level II will also develop transferable life skills such as self-discipline, concentration, long term planning, and the ability to learn from their mistakes.


**For some students in the 4th-8th grade, chess club will be more enjoyable if they fine-tune their skills for a semester or two in Level I before entering Level II. If you have concerns please contact us via e-mail.

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